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i do a limited number of clinics each year. my clinics have a wide range varying from private to public, colt starting, ranch horsemanship, cow working, and various levels of bridle work as well as ranch roping.

sponsoring a clinic is a great way to get to know more people or bring your friends together for a great learning experience. to sponsor you need to provide an arena, cattle (if needed), and supply the riders. the number of participants will vary depending on the type of clinic. a sponsor gets to ride for free and collects 10% of the gross for their efforts.



if you want to host a clinic but your base group of riders is not certain about attending, demonstrations can help to ease the skepticism and allow your group to meet me with no obligations. for potential clinic hosts, demonstrations are free. within reason, a certain amount of travel will be done at no charge. anything over 100 miles must be negotiated. here is how it works:  from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. you get to ask anything you like. i will work one of my horses and perhaps one of yours. i will attempt to set up scenarios of problem situations and work through them. demonstrations are a great way to meet me and introduce your riding base group to ranch horsemanship.

clinics can be retro-fitted to fill your specific needs. clinics may also be formatted in one hour sessions for each rider and horse, or in a group format. for instance:

3-day colt-starting clinic:  maximum 5 participants; minimum 4 participants

colts for the colt-starting clinic need to be halter broke. what can you expect? preparation to saddle; preparation to ride; preparation to bridle; and bridling and riding. colt starting is not for everyone. having yourself prepared is as essential as your horse. be fair to your horse and be ready yourself - it is hard work, so be in shape both physically and mentally. this is really true for all the clinics. i am not going to exhaust you or your horse, however you will get more out of any of the clinics if both you and your horse are physically prepared.

2-day cow working, roping or horsemanship clinic:  maximum 25 participants; minimum 10 participants

what should you expect from a ranch horsemanship clinic? working on partnerships. softness in your horse, leg aids, reining cues, moving forward and backward, turning. group introduction to unfamiliar horses. groundwork and trailer loading if wanted/needed. i try to get something done with each horse and rider; that is my goal. it must be working because people keep coming back! either you are learning something or i am a poor teacher.


ranch horsemanship:  $75 per day

3-day colt starting:  $350

cow working:  $150 per day

ranch roping:  $100 per day

halter/groundwork/trailer loading:  $100 per day

2-day, one-hour personal  ranch horsemanship sessions:  maximum 7 participants; minimum 5 participants:  $50 per hour


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